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Costas Kivelos is a renowned entrepreneur and investor who has made a name for himself in the Toronto Pre-construction Market. With a deep passion for investing and a love for the real estate industry, Costas founded First Access Condos, which has quickly become one of Toronto’s top pre-construction platinum teams.

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When you work with First Access Condos, you get the very first selection to available units. Meaning, you not only get first-round pricing and incentives, you get first pick of floor plans. This is why you should buy directly through a platinum agent, it’s time for you to be first.

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We understand that every clients' situation is unique. We work with you to ensure you are selecting the right area, project and unit style for YOU. We do not represent the builder, we represent you. Once your unit is secured, we take care of everything for you including lawyer reviews, assignment rights, mortgage arrangements and more!