Worksheet Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to submit a worksheet?

We use worksheets to determine the unit choices and budgets in preparation for the launch.We will use the received worksheets to approach the developer before the launch date to ensure we have allocations for the unit choices we need. Typically, the worksheets we receive will be sent to the developer on launch date in the order we receive them. This is why we ask you to send them as soon as you can. Remember, worksheets are not a commitment.

How long until you know if you got a unit?

Every building and developer is different, however, you will typically know if you received an allocation (unit) anywhere from opening day to 1 week later. You must be prepared to have a bank draft for the deposit ready as soon as the project launches. (opening day).

Are we guaranteed an allocation (unit)?

We do our absolute best to get an allocation for each worksheet we receive. However, due to high demand, we work on a first come first served basis and place allocations based off unit choices and max budgets. This is why your max budget should be your true max budget.

They have not released floor plans or pricing yet, how do I know which unit choice I want?

Most of the time, developers will not release a price list or floor plans until the day before or day of the launch. The most important thing to put on your worksheet is number of bedrooms you want and your max budget. Max budget is the most important piece of information to add to your worksheet.

Can we negotiate the sales price?

No. First round units are the absolute lowest price point the project will offer.

If you have additional questions please email us at [email protected] or call/text 437-997-0457