Bowmanville Community Guide

May 10th, 2021

Located just east of Toronto in the Durham Region, Bowmanville is a charming and thriving community with new housing, businesses, amenities, and developments that offer exciting opportunities for residents to live, work and play.

Bowmanville is home to over 40,000 residents – a figure that will only continue to increase, as the prices for homes are very reasonable compared to Toronto. A new family can easily purchase their first house for a decent price; those looking to sell and move from Toronto can get more home for less than they could ever get in the city. The security and financial stability that Bowmanville brings, along with the promise of a bigger home and vibrant environment, are just a few reasons the city has become a more attractive choice for families.

The Bowmanville Lifestyle

Bowmanville is famed for its family-centric festivals and activities. Annual events such as the Christmas Moonlight Magic, Maple Festival, Ribfest, and Summerfest provide an opportunity for families to enjoy the vibrance of the Durham Region, as well as celebrate its abundance of local talent.

Landmarks and Recreation in Bowmanville

The Tyrone Mills Limited is one of Bowmanville’s most notable landmarks. Although Robert Shafer has owned and managed the place over the last 30 years, it has over 168 years of rich history. Even till this day, it continues to preserve its traditional roots, maintaining its identity as a bakery, flour mill, grist mill, apple cider producer, rural community centre and historic tour centre. Every year, the mill offers guests a chance to experience rich Canadian history in action – not just through its range of quality products, but community offering.

When it comes to recreation, Bowmanville is also not left behind. The Cedar Park Resort is one of the city’s finest family parks where families and kids can enjoy time together. Some of the park’s major attractions include a large parkland, tennis court, picnic spots, miniature golf and swimming pool. There is also a snack bar for refreshments and hygienic washrooms plus laundry facilities.

Cedar Park Resort

Bowmanville Infrastructure and Amenities

Bowmanville has experienced lots of infrastructural developments in recent years. Recently, the municipal government and Metrolinx approved the Bowmanville Expansion project designed to introduce for new stops from Oshawa GO Station to the soon-to-be-constructed Bowmanville GO Station. This new project will reduce congestion and make commute to work and school convenient.

Bowmanville Real Estate

The city’s close proximity to Toronto and new extended highway means increasing value for its housing market. However, investing in Bowmanville real estate or even renting an apartment is still a smart decision, as it is much more affordable compared to houses in Toronto. There are lots of benefits families can enjoy from moving to Bowmanville and commuting to Toronto.

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