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Aspen Ridge Homes is a Vaughan-based real estate development firm with over 25 years of experience in building houses that go beyond four walls and a roof.

The home is where the heart is – a place where you spend most of the time; a home is where lifelong memories are made, and as you look back on those cherished memories, you have the right platform to pursue your dreams. Aspen Ridge Homes knows the value of a home for young ones and families, which is why condos by Aspen Ridge Homes are created to envision the way of life of its occupants.

In recent times, Aspen Ridge Homes has begun the development of condos in downtown Toronto, with Studio 2 and Scenic on Eglinton representing some of their exciting projects. But more than just the creation of unique and beautiful homes, Aspen Ridge Homes also focuses on engaging with their host communities, as they realize that there is life beyond the home. One way they achieve this is via the up-to-date Aspire online magazine which provides welcoming information for residents about their community.
Condos by Aspen Ridge Homes aim to give residents the perfect home in a perfect environment. The experience starts with a unique and personalized space all the way to regular community engagements. The goal is not only to create a house, but your home.