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BH Architects is an award-winning real estate and design solution company with focus on architectural design, experience design, interior design, urban planning, and analysis. Founded 65 years ago, the company is well known for its penchant for bold and inspiring spaces; this is barely surprising as BH Architects is home to over 450 creatives, storytellers, strategists and designers who believe in disrupting the status quo to deliver quality, healthy and transformative spaces.

At BH Architects, the belief is that the best designs are more than just spaces and buildings – they are about vibrant human experiences. As a result, each of the company’s body of work are founded on cultural traditions, deep social values and sustainable practices. Above all, they are aimed at making positive community contributions through the creation of memorable human experiences.

The United BLDG Condos is one of the BH Architects projects that tells their story. The ambitious condominium project will merge one of the most historical buildings in Toronto with new residential suites, offering a contemporary lifestyle within the city’s storied framework. Without doubt, BH Architects will continue to leverage their global industry expertise to provide design solutions that fit the ideals and fabric of their host neighbourhood.