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Information about Canlight Realty Corp

Canlight Realty Corp is a real estate investment and management firm that prioritizes detailed and quality craftsmanship in their projects. The firm offers two main services: real estate development and property management.

In their real estate development portfolio, Canlight Realty provides clients with options for commercial, residential rental units, and condominium management services. For property management clients, Canlight Realty offers an array of specialty, owner and accounting services.

Founded in 1991, the company offers a range of real estate services, including commercial and residential development and property management. With a portfolio of over $2.2 billion in properties owned and managed, Canlight Realty values the impact on their communities, and work to create plans that align with their clients’ visions.

Canlight believes in taking a strategic approach to their projects, carefully reviewing the value of each development before proceeding. This allows Canlight Realty Corp to acquire, develop, and construct high-quality residential and commercial properties with a focus on quality materials and care.

With a long history in the industry and a strong portfolio, Canlight Realty continues to provide clients with excellent real estate development and property management services.