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Information about Canlight Realty Corp

Canlight Realty Corp is a real estate investment and management firm who aims for detailed and quality craftsmanship. The firm offers two main services: real estate development and property management.

For clients interested in real estate development, they offer commercial, residential rental units and condominium management services. For property management clients, they offer specialty, owner, and accounting services. As a group, Canlight Reality Corp places a high value on the quality of development and improvement they bring to a community. To achieve this, they listen to their clients and create a plan that mirrors their clients’ vision.

Founded in 1991, Canlight Reality Corp have owned and managed properties worth $2.2 billion. They possess the expertise and experience required to excel in the real estate market, and understand the value of creating long-lasting relationships for business success.

Rather than setting out to build thousands of homes every year, Canlight Reality Corp does a comprehensive review to determine the value of the proposed development, and how much a new property will improve the community. This way, they are able to acquire, develop and construct high quality residential and commercial properties with a high standard of care and materials.