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Carttera Private Equities has been in the real estate industry since the mid 2000’s and in that time have created value worth $2 billion. Their approach is such that they blend their real estate instincts with industry standards to ensure quality returns for investors. In their quest to achieve this, the company has invested in residential, commercial and industrial properties.

A major contributory factor to their success was to anticipate the growth of the Greater Toronto Area; even at a time when the Government of Ontario passed a law designed to limit the urbanization of the area, they were not deterred. The government’s limitation meant developers needed to construct industrial spaces, not just condos and office buildings, more vertically. Carttera’s ability to adapt to these limitations while delivering stunning properties is impressive.

Whether it is condos by Cattera Private Equities or any other type of building, acquision, financing, development, and sales, this company led by CEO T. James Tadeson continues to innovate and deliver statement buildings in the GTA.