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Information about Elad Canada & Freed Developments

Elad Canada is a leading real estate company in Canada that was established in 1997. Initially, the firm specialized in acquiring commercial properties and by 2008, their portfolio had reached 6-million square-feet. Since then, Elad Canada has expanded its focus to residential projects, particularly mid-rise and high-rise buildings, in master-planned communities.

Elad Canada’s focus on creating communities that align with their clients’ visions has resulted in impressive achievements in the real estate industry, even though they are relatively new in the space.

Elad Canada is known for its commitment to quality service, as they always seek feedback from residents of their new homes to continuously improve.

In partnership with Freed Developments, a real estate developer that has been instrumental in the transformation of Toronto and its surrounding neighborhoods, the two companies have been creating premium-quality, modern, green, and sustainable buildings. Freed Developments has a strong portfolio of nearly $1 billion worth of completed buildings, including the King Street West district, and has won numerous awards, including the Award of Excellence from the Toronto Urban Design Awards in 2015.

In the future, we can continue to expect more premium-quality buildings that are not only modern but green and sustainable.