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Kilmer Group is an experienced real estate developer specialized in the creation of master-planned communities. The company is responsible for the oversight of the ongoing Canary District project in the east of downtown Toronto. In partnership with Waterfront Toronto, Kilmer Group has transformed this area into one of the most vibrant mixed-use communities in the city.

This developer has studied the management and development of master-planned communities in Canada, and understand the pitfalls to avoid as well as winning strategies to implement. Upon completion, the Canary District will be a highly-walkable community with lots of retail stores and restaurants. In fact, it has been confirmed that the buildings meet Toronto’s Green Building Requirements and have received the Gold Standard for environmental sustainability from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification program.

Kilmer Group is, without doubt, one of the most respected investment firms in Canada, with a number of innovative projects under their belt. Condos by Kilmer Group alongside their many other projects always stand out in their host communities and, with the company’s successful track record, we can trust there is more in store.