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Lifetime Developments has made a name for itself through its over 40 years in the real estate industry. The company has set up some of GTA’s most stunning residential and commercial projects, and their commitment to building communities for wholesome living shines through in the quality of work they deliver.

The company delved into the competitive condominium market following the scarcity of lands due to greenbelt land restrictions. Today, condos by Lifetime Developments are one of the city’s landmark buildings. Their properties are a reflection of the company’s commitment to design innovation, masterful craftsmanship and excellent customer service. In fact, their innovation and ambition have garnered international recognition.

The team at Lifetime Developments approach their work with a great sense of responsibility, which is why they have been able to achieve so much in the industry. By marrying the use of quality materials with ingenious engineering, they are able to deliver homes that people can comfortably live and work in.