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Marlin Spring Developments is a real estate development company in the business of acquiring and delivering lands for residential and commercial purposes within the GTA. The company’s founders possess a diverse range of skill set that, in combination with their extensive roots in the industry, makes it possible for them to create boutique condos that enhance the appeal of their host neighbourhoods, while respecting the historical roots of each community.

Founded by Benjamin Bakst, Ze Mandelbaum and Elliot Kazarnovsky in 2014, Marlin Springs now specializes in the development of mid-rise condominiums and are in the business of acquiring properties in desirable neighbourhoods, while respecting the very fabric of their host community. This young company realizes that the condominium market is the future of homebuilding in the GTA; as a result, condos by Marlin Spring Developments are built to offer a blend of innovative design, functionality and density.

Marlin Spring Developments’ team consists of forward-thinking experts who are not only committed to producing quality work, but doing so transparently and on time. They are also able to adapt to the ever-evolving dynamics of land acquisition and architectural designs, allowing for creative flexibility that gives end users the home of their dreams.