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Options for Homes is a non-profit real estate developer with a unique business model that is designed to give their clients the best living and working spaces at affordable rates. Essentially, they aim to spread wealth across society by giving more people a chance to become homeowners. In their 25 years of operation, the company has worked relentlessly to solve Canada’s housing problem.

In partnership with Deltera – of the Tridel Group of Companies – they have been able to design and develop condos that strike a balance between style and functionality. When they develop condos by Options for Homes, they help people actualize their goal of buying condos by conducting free seminars on this topic. Since the company was established 25 years ago, they have successfully completed over 3,000 homes throughout the GTA, helping people achieve their dreams of owning homes by implementing cost saving methods. is The Humber.

Options for Homes has a model that allows their clients to make a first installment loan payment that they do not have to pay until they sell or move out of the property. The company aims to reduce the monthly carrying costs for the customer and even offer bonuses as well as support through the acquisition process until the dreams of their clients are actualized.