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The Sher Corporation is amongst the leading real estate companies in Canada as a result of their strong knowledge of modern urban design. They have built a reputation as a company that understands the ever-evolving dynamics of urban development in real estate.

Condos by the Sher Corporation is proof of their ability to add value to the landscape surrounding the neighbourhoods they develop. The company focuses on leaving a permanent mark and adding value to the landscape surrounding their host neighbourhoods. Their understanding of urban development means they have been able to contribute to the progress and identity of downtown Toronto. They have painted the cityscape with beautiful modern and timeless designs that will be praised even by generations to come.

With over 27 years of experience in the urban development sector of the real estate industry, the Sher Corporation is well positioned to understand the needs of urban residents. They possess strong leadership that combines the essentials of engineering with creative artistry to develop assets that easily satisfy the needs of their clients.