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Strafford Homes is a privately managed real estate development company with interest in land development, construction and property management services throughout its 50 years in the industry. One of their many selling points is the development of estates that pass Energy Trust scoring, Earth Advantage certification, and the EPA Energy Star© ratings.

Through four generations of building and construction, they have made impactful strides by providing premium yet affordable and safe living environments. The idea for Strafford Homes is to provide homes that tick the right boxes when it comes to design, performance, comfort and enjoyable lifestyle for their clients. It is for this reason they have become a well-respected participant in the home and property development industry over the years.

In recent years, Stafford Homes has entered the condominium development scene. Condos by Stafford Homes under the leadership of president Jonathan Goldman has seen the company build thousands of suites and townhomes throughout the GTA.

Stafford Homes aims to provide homes that fit all types of living groups, from retirees, to couples, young growing families and young single professionals. They stand behind their real estate assets and ensure they fit the needs of their intended clientele, giving owners or investors in any of their units confidence that they have made the right decision.