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Terracap is a highly rated real estate developer set on a mission to multiply investor capital while providing premium quality housing options for residents. They achieve this through innovative leasing, redevelopment, and financial structuring.

Led by their founder, CEO and Principal Larry Krauss, Terracap employs a strong team of managerial and acquisition experts, and have successfully completed over 60 real estate transactions by using their experience in creative financing, tax innovative structures, re-merchandising, active management, and redevelopment to increase the value of the company’s properties.

Since her establishment 30 years ago, the Terracap Management Group has played a key role in the development and/or operation of over 100 real estate deals across North America. The aim at the company is to provide additional value through construction management, professional property management, and development, while minimizing investment risks that typically affect real estate investors.

They have multiple projects ongoing that are all products of their master plan to optimally maximize property potential, increase investment ROI and foster lively and green living spaces.