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Vandyk Properties is a privately owned real estate development and investment management company that specializes in researching the best opportunities in real estate. Their over 40-year experience in the North American real estate property investment sector and ability to attract cooperate and private investment partners helps them deliver projects that shine through.

Vandyk Properties – a company worth over one billion dollars in completed value creation and another over one billion dollars in owned assets undergoing construction – is committed to the development of sustainable and classy neighbourhoods, considering every project as a reinvestment into the growth of their host community.

As an investment firm, the company thinks and plans long-term, building strong relationships with investors while crafting one of the best real estate portfolios in the country.

The goal at Vandyk Properties is to develop communities through personalized or indigenous estate models while prioritizing quality in strength and structure. This way, they are able to create sustainable projects that meet the investment needs of their partners and the housing needs of their end users.