Etobicoke Community Guide

May 30th, 2020

Home to a lush landscape, golf courses, natural parks and loads of green spaces, Etobicoke is a natural delight. The city is located only 9km away from Toronto and continues to maintain its low population density; this has helped to preserve its charm as well as the spacious feeling many seek it out for.

If an affordable abode in the GTA appeals to you, then Etobicoke is a no-brainer! From nature enthusiasts to potential homeowners, many Torontonians are making the decision to leave the downtown core in favor of Etobicoke’s community-oriented neighborhood.

Golf Courses in Etobicoke

The Etobicoke Lifestyle

Etobicoke offers a blend of the amenities of the typical city life and the suburban community feel. Thanks to the city’s peaceful, convenient and diverse nature, Etobicoke is home to over 129,000 people.

Landmarks and Recreation in Etobicoke

Etobicoke is known for its greenery and natural beauty, so it isn’t surprising that the community is home to lots of green parks and spaces. Favorite recreation centers include Colonel Samuel Smith Park, James Gardens, Humber Bay Park, and Centennial Park. St. George’s Gold and Country Club – one of the top gold clubs in the world – also sits pretty in Etobicoke.

Green Parks in Etobicoke

Retail and Shopping in Etobicoke

Located south of The Queensway, Sherway Gardens is the preferred destination when it comes to shopping in Etobicoke. Thorncrest Plaza and Humbertown Mall – both constructed in 1955 and 1956 respectively – are two major shopping malls serving those in Toronto’s west end. Other important shops and restaurants can be found on Lake Shore Boulevard, The Queensway and Bloor Street West.

Etobicoke Infrastructure and Amenities

Thanks to the amazing amenities and infrastructure in Etobicoke, the community is developing into an urban focal point for Toronto’s west end. The reconfiguration of the Six Points Interchange is proof that the vibrant transit-oriented community is a hallmark. This design will include a district energy plan, new lands for development of more amenities, and improved pedestrian facilities.

Schools in Etobicoke

Etobicoke has a wide selection of schools, which includes 30 catholic and 52 public elementary schools. Asides offering top quality education, Etobicoke’s best schools help to boost the value of homes in the neighborhoods. This is because they apply a strict attendance boundary – students must live within an area to be eligible to attend. This underlines the importance of making a decision for your child’s education before securing your home.

Etobicoke Real Estate

Etobicoke is in the country’s top 20 percent when all of Canada’s suburbs are listed in order of real estate listing prices. Etobicoke’s medium house for sale price is approximately $704, 900, which is considerably better than the rest of the province. 

Etobicoke Real Estate

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