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Information about Georgetown

Georgetown sits within the picturesque Escarpment Country – 40km west of Toronto. It is home to a lot of hills, creeks and valleys, and offers some of the most exciting things to do in the Greater Toronto Area, including opportunities for swimming, kayaking, geo caching, boating, and golfing. Some of the most popular attractions in Georgetown include Brudenell River Provincial Park, the Confederation Trail, and the A.A. Macdonald Memorial Park.

Landmarks and Recreation

The Georgetown Farmers’ Market is an important landmark in the city – and a place where you can find an abundance of fresh and local produce, meat, honey, salmon, and lots more. Other important landmarks around Georgetown include the InSpirit Centre, Silver Creek Conservation Area, and Dominion Gardens Park.

Remembrance Park and Dominion Gardens Park are two of the best recreational facilities in Georgetown. Remembrance Park has an eye-catching floral garden with a fountain and benches where guests can sit and experience nature. The gardens at Dominion Gardens Park have a variety of flowers, and there is a splash pad and children’s playground, which makes it a great choice for young families.

Home and Lifestyle

The residential streets in downtown Georgetown are lined with historic homes dating back to the 1800s. The streetscapes have a feel of orderliness and residents proudly display Canadian flags on the front porches of their homes. The lifestyle of residents here as well as its amenities and recreational facilities means Georgetown offers a fine blend of the big-city life with rural charm.