Whitby Community Guide

May 7th, 2021

Home to the Durham headquarters, Whitby is a thriving and vibrant commuter suburb in the Greater
Toronto Area with numerous developments currently underway or soon to be kicked off. Thanks to the
community’s friendly, accessible and well-equipped neighborhood, more and more people moving into
the area. Whitby is probably the only town in the Durham region where there is a fine mix of small-town
goodness with all of the luxuries of big cities – a place where tradition meets modernity.

Although Whitby is predominantly English-speaking, it embraces diversity. 17% of the community’s
population is made up of South Asian, Chinese, Japanese and African American residents. Regardless of
your race or culture, Whitby aims to welcome everyone who wish to call it home.

Whitby Ontario

The Whitby Lifestyle

Life in Whitby is a masterful blend of two different worlds that make the community a very unique one.
With loads of modern shopping centers and hip coffee shops mixed with traditional architecture, Whitby
offers a unique experience wherever you go. To enjoy even more rural experience, Aurora and Pickering
are just close-by; Brampton – another city close to Whitby – also offers a more urban feeling.

Landmarks and Recreation in Whitby

Lynde House Museum & Warren General Store is one of the famous landmarks in Whitby. Built by Jabez Lynde – one of the community’s early settlers – between 1811 and 1813, the place features loads of Victorian-inspired works, as well as several original pieces for the Lynde family and collections donated to the society throughout the years.

Whitby is also home to the Whitby Public Library West – an organized library with lots of popular books, project documents for your reading pleasure. It also features board games and other activities and encourages community gathering.

But Whitby is much more than her landmarks. The Iroquois Park Sports Centre – Canada’s largest municipally owned and operated multi-use sports complex – features amenities such as children’s playground, a food court area, two pools, a large stadium arena, and facilities for basketball, swimming, wheelchair accessible gym equipment, and personal training. Other recreational centres in Whitby include the Whitby Civic Recreation Complex, Heydenshore Pavilion, and Audley Recreation Centre.

Whitby Schools

Whitby hosts the Durham District School Board Headquarters – and this board manages 5 Secondary Schools and 24 Elementary Schools throughout the area. 2 of the Secondary Schools and 12 of the Elementary Schools offer catholic education. French education is also available in schools such as École élémentaire catholique Jean-Paul II and École secondaire catholique St-Charles Garnier – both of which service all of the Durham region.

Whitby is also home to Trafalgar – an internationally recognized independent day and boarding school
that offers a unique university pre-program for grades 5-12 at a woman’s only facility.

Art and Culture

Whitby’s art and cultural scene plays a significant role in the quality of life the community offers.
Throughout the year, the town hosts events and festivals that projects its artists creates unique
community experiences. The Lynde House Museum and Whitby Public Library serve as platforms for
those interested in learning and experiencing Whitby’s art and culture.

Whitby Real Estate

Despite its proximity to Toronto, housing in Whitby is quite affordable. When listed, properties are sold
off quickly, as more and more people seek to enjoy the balance between a small-town community and
big city luxury that Whitby offers.


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