Why Yorkville is One of the Most Prominent Areas in Toronto

May 30th, 2021

Yorkville has increasingly grown into one of Toronto’s most stunning neighbourhoods. With everything
from high fashion, upscale restaurants and modern architecture blended with the Victorian, it has
become a neighbourhood of influence and one of the must-visit places when planning a trip to Toronto.
From art galleries and museums to pampering yourself to a meal, you can easily spend an entire weekend
exploring everything this attractive neighbourhood has to offer; and you never know, you may even spot
a celebrity on your adventure.

History of Yorkville

Yorkville started off as a small independent village known as Yorkville Bloor. Until it was annexed into
Toronto in 1883, the area was considered to be in the fringes of Toronto. At this time, the most
influential citizens preferred to live in their “uptown” Victorian homes and before long, a new transit
system was formed with carriages to make for easy commute into the city.

Till this day, however, the cobblestone streets, Victorian architecture and other remnants of this
historical village can still be found, ensuring Yorkville retains the unique charm that made it a special
neighbourhood in the first place.

Shopping in Yorkville

Are you planning to spend some time in Yorkville? Or are you a local that has lived in the city for years?
Yorkville is a shopping destination capable of treating anyone to their heart desires. Some fantastic
window-shopping spots line the main strip of Bloor Street and, if you are visiting during the holidays,
then you will be treated to the stunning displays of popular brands like Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Gucci.
The newly renovated Yorkville Village is another great shopping destination. It is home to a number of
boutiques and even has a warm place for shopping during the cold winter months.

Shopping in Yorkville

Restaurants in Yorkville

Restaurants in Yorkville are famed for their tasty meals and refreshingly soft cocktails. If you are looking
to take a mid-afternoon shopping break, you can consider stopping by at Kasa Moto – a treelined
rooftop and cool spot.

Hemingway’s is the real deal if you are looking for a more casual or affordable spot. During the colder
months, the Oxley Public House is second to none, as it offers an incredible wine list and great menu for
an afternoon break or a delicious dinner.

Living in Yorkville

Yorkville is a diverse neighbourhood with a range of living options including Davenport, Avenue, Yonge
and Bloor St borders. The town is home to the kind of condos, townhouses, semi-detached and grand-
detached homes that we all dream of. The Adagio Condos is one of the luxury condos in the city;
inspired by Yorkville’s rich history, Adagio Condos is designed as a stylish retreat in the heart of the city and promises a rewarding life due to its proximity to Canada’s most prestigious shopping and dining

Living in Yorkville

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